Local Unit Bylaws Proposed Changes

This summer, the PTA board reviewed Mountain Park Elementary School’s PTA State Bylaws as they currently stand and determined that some streamlining of the verbiage and some general changes would allow our PTA to run more efficiently and effectively.With this in mind, the board would like to submit the following adaptations to our bylaws, with the corrections to be submitted to the PTA state representatives immediately following the general meeting vote in November. The special general PTA meeting will be in the cafeteria at 5:30 prior to Curriculum Night starting at 6pm where we will vote on these proposed changes. 


  • specify the Vice Presidents’ roles, labeling them as the Vice President of Membership and the Vice President of Volunteers, just as they are listed on the voting ballots each spring.

  • move the responsibility of maintaining membership records from the Secretary to the VP of Membership.

  • the Co-Presidents to appoint a Parliamentarian for a 2 year post, to put us more in line with all other local PTAs.  The Parliamentarian would render a vote in case of a tie, ensure that any meeting agendas are followed and maintain and/or propose updates to our bylaws.

  • increase the cost of a PTA membership from $8 to $10, again, to put us more in line with all other local PTAs.

  • require the board to carry over a $10,000 balance at the end of each school year, in an effort to cover budgetary costs before each fall fundraiser and to ensure that we have enough in reserve to sustain us each year, should we not meet our fundraising goal.


Should anyone have any questions, please email them to the PTA board at mtnparkpta@gmail.com.

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